South America Tourism Packages

Tourists across the world are adding more and more South American countries to its list of must-travel places, and with jolly good reasons too. One needs to be in the midst of the warmth of the South American citizens to embrace the landscape, its values and culture, traditions and the festivals galore.

In the recent years, South American tourism has been booming. There is so much natural beauty that you will be mesmerised by the sights and sounds. Before you plan your trip, keep in mind that the continent, being in the Southern Hemisphere, will have different weather conditions as compared to the Northern Hemisphere.  The best time to visit is between December to February, which is the peak tourist season.

South America is truly one of the most beautiful places that you will encounter.  The continent is filled with historic landmarks, national parks, the Amazon rainforests, Andes mountain ranges, museums and world heritage sites that will beckon you. 

The cuisine and the warm hospitality of South America cater to the mind-set of every single traveller entering the continent. From grilled meats to pastries stuffed with local produce, the local food of this continent will charm you. Add to that the diversity of people; South America will give you the experience of a life time

There’s so much more for you to experience in person. Book your holiday today with SOTC and enjoy your South American saga this holiday season! For a memorable South America tour, browse through our South America tour packages.

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