How to reach South America

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”– Confucius

How true is this With all your heart, would you make a journey into a world quite different A home away from home, yet so vibrant, resplendent of culture, food, music, traditions, dance and history- one name that comes to the mind is South America.

Majority of the metros have flight connectivity to South America. However, you will not find any direct flights that fly. Most of the flights have stopovers, due to the distance between India and South America. You can fly to any one of the major countries from here. And it would take you 23 to 36 hours depending on the carrier and number of stopovers.

Getting around South America isn’t very difficult. You can choose any of the local carriers to fly from one country to another. You can also take the bus as the countries are well connected by roads. However, you will need to change the buses once you reach a border of a specific country. This is definitely a less expensive way to travel within South America. You do need to be careful at border crossings if you intend to travel via roads.

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