Currency in Pattaya

Like the rest of the cities in Thailand, Pattaya also accepts money in the form of Thai Baht. Hence, the main currency in Pattaya is Thai Baht which you must have with you to make payments and to shop items and services.

If you are heading for a Pattaya trip via Bangkok you can get the currency exchange at the Suvarnabhumi Airport and then proceed ahead to Pattaya. There are various foreign exchange bureaus that you will find in Bangkok that will exchange the currency. However, make sure that you bring in popular currencies like US Dollar or Euros that can be exchanged easily.

Using credit cards and ATM cards in Pattaya can help you to cut down the amount of money you are carrying, but you also have to keep in mind that not establishments will accept international cards. Hence, you will have to keep some amount of Thai baht cash to make transactions.

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