Things to do in Paris

Climb the Eiffel Tower: One of the most important things to do in Paris is to climb the Eiffel Tower. This monument is the most popular symbol of France and Paris and also the most visited monument in the world. It is also among the Seven Wonders of the World and therefore you must definitely be here when you are in Paris. Locally, Eiffel Tower is named as La Dame de Fer (The Iron Lady) and it stands proudly in the middle of the city.

Explore the Louvre: This museum is immensely popular all over the world and therefore needs no introduction. The globally popular Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci is here and you can see it live. However, the museum has so much more than just Mona Lisa. This is the second most popular and most visited museum in the world with more than 9 million visitors annually. It can take you hours to explore the entire Louvre museum and therefore you must be clear about what you really want to see when you are here. This is certainly one of the important places to visit in Paris that shares so much about art, history and architecture.

Have Fun at Disneyland Paris: If you are with your family on Paris tour you must definitely visit this place where you can have some great time with your friends and loved ones. There are two theme parks here along with shopping complexes, food courts and even various entertainment rides and activities. Also popularly known as the Euro Disneyland this offers you a great time where you can meet some of the fascinating Disney characters and make the most of your time.

Dine at Seine River Cruise: If romance is on your mind, you can have some quality moments with your partner at Seine River Cruise. Paris certainly is one of the romantic cities in the world and the Seine River Cruise makes it more special. You get a stunning view of the city from the Seine River as you pass by Eiffel Tower, Louvre, and Notre Dame. You also see the glittering cityscape and enjoy a candle-lit dining experience with your special one.

Visit the Moulin Rouge: You cannot ignore the vibrant nightlife of Paris and what better than visiting the Moulin Rouge. Experience the cabaret show like no other when you are in Paris. Enjoy your dinner with some champagne and watch some of the best cabaret performances and musical dance concerts.

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