Things To Do in North America

Sit back and relax, and this is exactly what we want you to do right now because North America has plenty of things for every age group to enjoy and do. Some famous things to do are-

  1. Check out the famous Grand Canyon- A visit to this colourful place is a must-do, if you ask us. Nature’s wonder and so colourful; the scene around by air or on foot can be breath-taking and overwhelming.
  2. Chopper and aerial tours of the Big Apple- Why walk on foot or deal with the snarls and gnarls of traffic and the crowds in New York City, when you can hop on board a chopper and view the city like a phoenix.
  3. The cells of Alcatraz- on the coast of San Francisco, Alcatraz – one of the most famous prison cells in the world that was home to some of the most notorious criminals in American history.
  4. Historic walks of North America- If you love exploring a new place on foot, historic walks such as the Old Quebec city walk, Canada, Inner Harbour, Victoria, Canada, and Old Town Sacramento, California, to name a few are a must-do.
  5. Hike and trek to your heart’s content- North America is great for those that love the wilderness, hiking and trekking escapades; examples are the Jay Peak Long Trail North, VT, the famous White Mountains of New Hampshire, and the Slate Range in the Canadian Rockies as well.

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