Maldives Visa Requirements

If you are planning to visit the beautiful islands of Maldives, the following information in relation to visa will help you:

The main benefit that an Indian tourist gets while visiting Maldives is that he does not need to go through the long visa process.  Upon arrival at the Maldives International Airport, Indian nationals are given a free visa on arrival that is valid for a period of ninety days from the date of entering the country.

You are given a Maldives Tourist Form at the airport. It must be filled carefully with right details. You must have a valid passport during the visit. Entry in Maldives is allowed only if you have the return tickets and confirmed bookings of hotels. It is advisable to carry important documents like bank statements, passport size photographs, hotel booking documents with the name of the hotel, etc.

Just follow the prescribed norms and you are all set to enjoy your Maldives trip. For a hassle free Maldives tour, browse through our all inclusive Maldives holiday packages.

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