Japan Visa Requirements

If you have decided on your Japan tour, you need to get started on your visa. You can apply for a single entry visa which is valid for three months or 90 days if you are just visiting Japan to visit relatives or as a tourist. You will need to get your paperwork in order to apply for the Japan visa. If you need to get your visa extended for work or business purpose, you will have to contact the immigration bureau.

You can apply for multiple entry visas which can be valid from one to five years.

Make sure you fill the application form with all your details correctly. Your passport needs to be valid for six months, post your travel date. If you are being invited by a friend of relative, you will need to attach the individual’s details as well.

It generally takes about 5 working days to get the visa, if all paperwork is in order. However, if the consulate finds an issue with the same, it could take about a month as the documents are sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tokyo. 

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