How to Reach Japan

You have the option of flying to any of the international airports of Japan. Though Tokyo or Narita International Airport is one of the main airports, you can also choose to fly to Osaka International airport. It would take you about 9 hours if you get a direct flight to Tokyo. Long haul flights would take you anywhere between 12 to 37hours, depending on the number of stops.

If you wish to arrive at any of the other international airports, time taken would depend upon the number of stopovers and the destination.

The best way to get around while on your Japan tour package is to use the public transport system. The trains and metros here are the best modes of travel as they are convenient and easy to use. They are also the best in the world. Smaller towns also have trams that you can use. Buses are also convenient, however understanding their system may take some time. We can book you a Japan Rail Pass, which can be used on trains, buses, and ferry.  Taxis are also an option that you can choose. 

You can choose to fly to different parts of Japan, as there are local airlines that have regular services.

If you decide on your choice of destination for your first stop for your Japan holiday package, we can get you the best fares not only for flights but also for connecting to other areas of Japan. Talk to our travel experts at SOTC before you book.

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