How to Reach Italy

Italy exudes art. You can see it just about everywhere; on streets, on the architecture and among the people. To best understand Italy, you have to explore this place. Only a well customised Italy tour packages will give you an opportunity to mesmerise in its beauty.

Here is how to how to reach Italy so you get to know what the fuss is all about. You can travel by air to Rome, Venice, Genoa, Bologna or Milan in Italy from major Indian cities. A direct flight from New Delhi to Rome takes about 11 hours. However, if you choose to take a connection the journey time could go up to 35 hours. 

Thanks to the EU agreement travelling from one European country to the other is extremely convenient. If you’re already in Europe then you could use the inter-country train to get to Italy. Not only would you be cutting down on your travel budget but also get a chance to experience scenic views. You could also consider taking a bus if you’re already in another country there. Most European capital cities are well connected to places in Italy by road.

Travelling by sea is another exciting option. You can enjoy the exotic view of the Mediterranean Sea as you take a sea route to Italy. You have two options to choose from - travel by a ferry or a cruise. When in Italy you can use the local transport which includes bus, underground train and ferry.

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