Tourist Places to Visit in Hong Kong

The city is known to have multiple influences from China as well as from its time as a British Colony. While you spend your vacation here, exploring the following sights is a great way to soak in the unique character of this city –

  1. Victoria Peak: Enjoy a stunning view of the entire island by visiting Victoria Peak atop a large, wok-shaped Peak Tower. The Peak Tower also has an observation platform along with fine dining options, museums and a shopping mall, making it a great place to spend the day.
  2. The 3D Museum: Enjoy a magnificent collection of art installations in 3D during your time in Hong Kong. With paintings in 2D that appear to be 3D and a number of other pieces that you can interact with, climb on or touch, the museum is a treat for the senses.
  3. Explore the Traditional Heritage of Hong Kong: Explore the walled Hakka Village of Tsang Tai Uk, visit the Che King Temple, the Man Mo Temple and the Temple of the Ten Thousand Buddha’s to soak in the rich heritage and culture of this island.
  4. Hong Kong Disney Land Resort: A trip to Hong Kong is incomplete without visiting the magical kingdom of Disney Land. Filled with Disney characters, entertainment, all dining offers, tours, events, shops and recreation, kids, teens and families can hit on exciting rides, get pictures with their favourite Disney characters and make the day a memorable one for the entire family. Some of the exciting events include Jungle River Cruise, Liki Tikis, Cinderella Carousel, Fantasy Gardens, Mad Hatter Tea Cups and the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

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