Things to do in France

Explore Musee de Louvre: If you ever wanted to be surrounded by art, the Musee de Louvre is the most important places to visit in France. Louvre is home to some of the best art and painting collection that you can find in the world. Explore Leonardo’s most popular The Mona Lisa painting here along with other objects and paintings. The museum building itself is quite old and provides a glimpse into the history of France.

Visit the Eiffel Tower: One of the things to do in France is to get on top of the Eiffel Tower. This is the worlds most visited paid and millions across the globe come here to click their pictures when they get on top of it. Constructed in 1889 by the company owned by Gustav Eiffel, this is one of the iconic monuments in the world and the symbol of France. You can also be around Eiffel Tower to take pictures of it from various angles to add it your photograph list. You can also find some great food options close to Eiffel Tower so enjoy that as well when you are visiting Eiffel Tower.

Experience the Abbaye du Mont Saint Michel: It might make you feel as if you are on a set of a movie, but Abbaye du Mont Saint Michel is a great rocky tidal island that will leave you speechless. This legendary Abbey sits on top of the hill and looks grand with its medieval architecture. This abbey has been voted as the UNESCO World Heritage site and is said to be the symbol of French resistance against English attacks. The fortified walls can provide you with more insight on how the village around it was protected and creates a picturesque landscape that you can find nowhere else. If history is one of your points of interest you must definitely visit Abbaye du Mont Saint Michel.

Experience the Loire Valley: If you love to explore the rural side of France you must visit The Loire Valley also known as Le Val de Loire. This place resides between the hills in the Loire and provides a great setting that is breathtakingly beautiful. If you are a photographer or if you love to architecture and nature together this would be the right place for you. When you are on your France holidays you have to be sure that explore the stretches of the valley and find out more about it.

Arenes d Nimes: Initially, it might seem like you are in Rome, but the Arenes de Nimes is one of the world’s best preserved Roman amphitheatre. It was built more than 2000 years ago and it still remains in great shape. The architecture speaks volumes about the marvels of Roman engineering and the skills of the engineers of that era. This place is a perfect place for history buffs and architecture enthusiasts.

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