Austria Visa Requirements

India enjoys a special arrangement with Austria under which you can apply for a Schengen tourist visa when visiting Austria. When you’re applying for a Schengen visa at the Austrian Embassy or the Consulate for your Austria tour package, ensure that the longest duration of your stay in the province must be in Austria. If not, the first entry point into the Schengen countries must be through Austria. Else, you will be violating the terms.

Usually, it can take around 10-15 days for all your visa details to get processed and receive the visa. Therefore, it is recommended to complete all Austria visa requirements at least a month before your scheduled travel date. You are permitted to stay for 90-days within an 180-day period in a tourist visa, provided you submit all your documents along with proof of your flights, accommodation, work details, travel insurance and adequate funds to manage the holiday.

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