Currency in Austria

Being part of the EU Agreement, Euro is the accepted currency in Austria and other European countries. You need to note that unlike in Rupees, a comma is used to denote the smaller denomination in Euros. For example, EUR 10.15 is 10 Euros and 15 cents. Foreign visitors can easily exchange their currency in banks and exchange centres in the major cities and some smaller towns.

Do carry enough Euros, particularly in the smaller towns. In cities like Vienna, you can easily use your Visa or MasterCard at all major restaurants, hotels, and shopping centres. Make sure you carry a card that’s valid internationally.

Do check with your bank if you would be charged extra for overseas usage. Another option is using travellers’ cheques on your Austria trip. However, they are not as widely accepted now as they were earlier, so it is better to always have cash and credit cards handy.    

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