Uttarakhand Tourism Packages

Uttarakhand tourism is multifaceted with more than few opportunities packed in every itinerary. The British were the first to recognise the region’s worth as nature’s very special refuge to escape the heat, as they established the hill towns like Mussoorie and Almora as a summer retreat spot. Today, the state caters to all holiday moods and ideas like leisure, adventure, pilgrimage, honeymoon, wildlife and more.

The Himalayas’ snow-clad summits create the picture-perfect backdrops for every possible holiday tour in the state. Apart from Nanda Devi, the equally majestic Chaukhamba, Neelkanth, Changbang and other mountains grace the skyline. Stay at a camp amidst exquisite surroundings, wake up to the golden sunrises listening to the chirping of birds and admiring many shades of green.

Visit the unusual vistas like Lake Roopkund and Valley of Flowers which is adorned with multihued alpine flowers. Enjoy the company of royal tigers and the very stunning bird, the Himalayan Monal and several other species that find a home in the subtropical forests of Uttarakhand. Watch the confluences of several holy rivers like Bhagirathi, Alaknanda and Mandakini that ultimately take the form as Ganga and leave the region absolutely blessed.

Testifying its reputation as Dev-Bhoomi, Uttarakhand has a temple or shrine at every footstep, some of them accessible only on foot. Trace the footprints of Pandavas from Mahabharata as they went on their journey to heavens navigating the region. Undertake trekking to glaciers, lakes, meadows, mountain passes, temples and other sites that are truly marvellous in every sense.

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