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Summers are just around the bend and one of the best ways to do is head to the higher altitudes. Europe has always been one of the top destinations for a summer holiday. However, not everyone has the time to figure out where to go. For some it’s about time, others it's about the budget. However, that should not deter you from planning a holiday.

So where could you go, in India for a cooler vacation? There are a number of hills stations and places to visit in North-East which will catch your breath. So where could you go for your next vacation? Here are the best from the lot:


This hill station is on the top of the list of every North-East tour package. The beautiful capital of Meghalaya is skirted by pine trees and is always described as the Scotland of the East. Its luscious waterfalls and heavenly hills, exciting mountain peaks and crystal-clear lakes, crisp golf courses and archaic museums are among the main reasons North-East tourism has grown so popular.


The modern hill station is another loved destination if you are looking for North-East tour packages. It boasts of rich local culture and magnificent views of Kangchenjunga. While urbanization rages on in the world at large, Gangtok seems to have stopped unnecessary construction. Thus, resulting in a pristine township, admired by all.


The exquisite scenic district is the fourth largest in Mizoram. There is a wild-life sanctuary that houses a host of animals and the waters of Tuiral and Tlawng are calm and stretch on for miles. Since accommodation is scarce, you can even set up base in Aizawl – an equally gorgeous location and Mizoram’s capital.


The home of the Konyaksnagas, Mon is a small district in Nagaland. Although the sightseeing points are few, it forms a huge part of North-East tourism. The people, the culture and the dressing are very different and colourful and the experience is definitely not one to miss.


This hill station comes a close second after Gangtok as a most visited destination in Sikkim. The view of the Kangchenjunga and the picturesque setting makes for a visit to postcard country than a hill station in real life.


Considered as Meghalaya’s dewdrop, Cherrapunji remains the perfect place to relax and unwind. One of the wettest places on Earth, it has a unique climate and untouched beauty which can provide you with a sense of inner peace instantaneously. There are numerous waterfalls to experience, some of the popular being Dain Thelen, Noh Sngithiang and Noh Kalikai.


Any North-East tour package is incomplete without a trip to Tawang valley. The exquisite Buddhist monasteries are lined with patchworks of fields and mountain ridges. The backdrop that nature provides is breath-taking.


One of the most popular hill stations, known for its beautiful tea gardens, Darjeeling is a city that is a must-visit. Enjoy the toy train and revel in the beauty of the snowy peaks of the Himalayas. Darjeeling encompasses the olden-day charm and the modern urban vibe perfectly.


A quaint town in Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro makes for a super off-beat location. Famous for its Pine Hills and rice fields, Ziro acts as paradise when you are looking to find that Zen in your stressful life.


The magnificent hill station is popularly known as the honeymoon destination, nestled between Darjeeling and Siliguri. It’s peaceful, quiet and unbelievably romantic. Take an early morning stroll through tea estates and cardamom plantations to be mesmerized for the rest of the day.These hill stations in the North East will give you a holiday of a lifetime. If you need more information on what you can do here, speak to the advisors of SOTC who can help plan a North-East tour package just for you.