Tourist Places to Visit in Gulmarg

In Maldives, you will never run out of tourist spots. It is the best tropical island with the perfect combination of sun, sea and sand to make it an unforgettable paradise. Below are the few places you must visit during your Maldives trip:

  1. Alimatha Island: This Island is located in the Vaavu Atoll division of the Maldives and is surrounded by rich flora and fauna. The central beach has a world class diving facility, where you can snorkel, scuba dive, canoe and indulge in various water sports.
  2. Banana Reef: Known as the diving site, the reef that is shaped like a banana, has some of the most amazing marine life, caves and coral. It is also the first licensed diving site of Maldives.
  3. Artificial Beach: Also known as Carnival Beach, it is situated in North Male Atoll. This man-made creation is the epicentre of several activities including carnivals. The major attraction of the place is Shark Point, Kani Corner and Manta Point.
  4. Male: Male is the most popular destination to visit in Maldives. The major attractions here are The Grand Mosque, Male National Museum amongst the various attractions. Male is also known as the King’s Island as many Royal dynasties are associated with this city.
  5. HP Reef: If marine life attracts you, then HP Reef in North Male Atoll is the right place for you. Spot various marine creatures and corals, explore underwater caves and be amazed by wonderful marine life.

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