Things To Do in Andaman

  1. Sea walking – Imagine taking a stroll under the sea; where you are surrounded by the oceanic flora and sea creatures. North Bay Beach and Elephant Beach are renowned locations for sea walking where you can explore the diversified vegetation of the sea. Put on an oxygen helmet and get ready to ‘literally’ walk in the sea!

  2. Water Sports (Rajiv Gandhi water sports complex) – Located in the north-west part of Port Blair, the sports complex offer a wide range of adventurous water sports activities. Treat yourself with an assortment of water sports like scuba diving, water scooters, water skiing, rowing, parasailing etc.

  3. Bird watching at Chidiya Tapu – Chidiya Tapu or the Island of Birds is a paradise for birdwatchers, nature lovers as well as photography enthusiasts. A variety of local and migrated bird species are spotted here. Many endemic species like Andaman Teal, Rocket-tailed Drongo, Scarlet Minivets, Andaman Cuckoo are found on the island and the Chidiya Tapu is the best place to get a sight of them.

  4. Island Hop – There is nothing better than exploring the various islands and beaches. On your Andaman holiday tour, hop on a boat and go on an expedition to the various islands that form the majestic chain.

  5. Explore the islands  Explore the natural structures of the Limestone Caves of Baratang or take a walk in The Mongluton rubber plantations in Wandoor or just take a walk on the beach post sunset and witness the bioluminescence that twinkles on the sandy beach of Havelock.

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