Best Time to Visit Andaman

A perfect holiday often means relaxing on the shores of the beach, with cobalt blue waters that kiss the shorelines with a refreshing drink in your hand. If this is on your agenda for a holiday, the Andaman Island is the perfect place for you. On your Andaman tour package, you can go island hopping, scuba dive and taste some divine seafood.

The weather throughout the year is extremely pleasant in Andaman. If you are still wondering when the best time to visit Andaman is, then hop on a plane and visit the islands anytime from October to July.

The months between April to July are warm and pleasant. This is also the time when you can enjoy scuba diving, snorkelling the most, with maximum visibility. However, the temperature can reach the higher side of the thirties and it is best to plan your day accordingly.

Winters are also a good time for an Andaman trip since it does not get too cold here on the island. On a perfect winter evening, you can build a bonfire by the beach and enjoy the evening after a day of island hopping.

A trip to the Andaman Island during the monsoon is not feasible as there are heavy showers and because of the unpredictable nature of the sea, you would not be able to partake in any water sports.

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