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Andaman is already on its way to becoming one of the best holiday spots in India. The sheer number of visitors that touchdown on the shores of Andaman has seen a boom in Andaman tourism. Be it exploring the sandy beaches on your Andaman honeymoon package or a solo trip to just take a break from the daily hustle, Andaman islands welcomes you with its clean beaches, perfect waters, a wide array of water sports and exotic marine life.

If you are planning an Andaman holiday package, scuba diving should be on your list of things to do. Wondering which are the best dive spots in Andaman? Here’s a list of what are some of the best diving experiences you can have in Andaman:


This dive spot in Havelock Island is a perfect location for people of all ages and diving skill levels. However, for you PADI/SSI certified divers, there’s a special privilege you enjoy – night diving. See the plethora of macro life and perhaps you could even see sleeping Parrotfish.

Mac Point

This dive spot is especially unique as you get to swim with Dugongs here. Dugongs are Sirenian tusked mammals, usually found in Eastern Africa and Australia.

Seduction Point
Dive first into a variety of marine life and plenty of Staghorn corals. Staghorn corals are branching stony corals and are among the fastest growing corals on reefs.

Barracuda City
This is one more for intermediate and expert divers and is pretty much unexplored. You get a chance to converse with the sea turtles as you spot vibrant colourful corals.

K Rock

A volcanic rock that stands on a seabed, is the perfect spot for all divers irrespective of whether you are a novice or an expert.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

The only national park of its kind, this dive spot is a must-see. There are more than 50 kinds of corals and sea flowers. There’s also a secluded gateway leading to the park, named Jolly Buoy which has the most colourful marine life.

Minerva Ledge Known to be one of the most exciting places for its wide variety of marine life, there’s never a dull moment when visiting this dive spot. Among the aquatic life regularly spotted are Napoleon Wrasse, Eagle Rays and White Tip Sharks. A rare Tiger Shark can also be seen in these waters.

Junction A reef situated between Havelock and Neil, Junction appears to be extending out like a finger. It is rumoured to be the ideal spot for adventure-seeking divers with a number of soft corals and reef sharks. This dive spot has current that can sometimes be strong and is best for intermediate to advanced skill level divers. Exploring the world beneath your feet is an exhilarating experience. We, at SOTC, can help you plan your perfect Andaman holiday trip so that you get the best of both worlds in Andaman.