5 Free things to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is dubbed as one of the most fascinating cities in the world. It is also one of the most expensive cities in the world. Hong Kong has its own currency and has semi-democratic style of governance. And sometimes this city can come across as an unaffordable city to live in. The most expensive commodity in Hong Kong is housing. This means that most of your travel budget will be drained by your accommodation facility. There are however, loads of free things that can be done in Hong Kong.

To help you plan the best Hong Kong Tour Package, we bring five free things you can do in Hong Kong:

1. Walk and explore promenade, parks, and neighborhoods

Wandering around the city is an experience in itself. The TsimShaTsuiPromenade is nicely developed. Walk on this promenade overlooking the Victoria Harbor. If the weather is good then you can also admire the Hong Kong island skyline. There’s also the Chinese version of Walk of Fame, which also has the statue of Bruce Lee.

2. Light Show in Victoria Harbor

The Victoria Harbor hosts light shows at night. The evenings in Hong Kong are reserved for musical shows where lights and lasers dancing around the harbors buildings set the ambience. You can confirm the show timings from the local tourism board. Most probably, the show begins at 8PM and lasts for about 13 minutes.

For special ocassions such as festivals and Chinese New Year, the light shows are grand and the event also includes fireworks. It is recommended to plan your Hong Kong Tour Package around Chinese festivals.

3. Explore the Street Markets

Hong Kong, like any typical Asian city, has street markets. There are numerous markets in Hong Kong, with the Jade Bazaar being one of the most popular market. This market will give you a reasonable deal on jade jewelry and decor.

4. Experience the Local Culture

Hong Kong derives it’s cultural heritage from the Eastern philosophies of Buddhism and Taoism. Hong Kong has hundreds of temples dedicated to Buddhism and Taoism. If you love to experience the local culture then head to any of these temples. For China enthusiasts, it would make sense to plan a Hong Kong Tour Package around famous temples.

5. Go Geocaching

Hong Kong will surprise you, if you love geocaching. We all know how exciting geocaching is when you are exploring a new place. Hong Kong has so many geocaches hidden across the city, that exploring each one of these will take you to interesting places which includes historical buildings, restaurants, and markets.

If you are worried about using your phone GPS in the city, then be advised that majority of Hong Kong has free WiFi zones!


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