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The word pilgrimage itself touches something ingrained in our heart as we Indians are deeply religious people. It is a spiritual experience that not only gives us pleasure, it takes us closer to our roots, too. It keeps our troubles at bay when the world order is going upside down and until we remain firm on our ground, we can’t ward off the cultural onslaught the world is facing.

Though the most popular reason for the mass in India to travel is pilgrimage, creating an itinerary for a pilgrimage is really a cumbersome process. At times people remember the troubles of the pilgrimage rather than the spiritual experiences they get. It is at this juncture that the pilgrimage holiday packages from SOTC come handy as they save you a lot of troubles. So book your pilgrimage holidays with us and see how all the hassles just vanish and you remember just the spiritual aura that surround our religious places.