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Escorted Group Holidays

When you are travelling on an unchartered territory, it’s always better to have a companion, an escort who knows the place well and make the road easy for you. At SOTC we understand you well and have come out with the concept of escorted group holiday packages where you just enjoy the view and indulge in the relaxed environ while the escort will take care of all your peripheral needs. The safety and security of you and your family is of utmost importance to us and we make sure that while being on a holiday you live a hassle free life and only the memories of cool climes and mild aura go with you forever.

Whether you are going to Europe, USA, Australia, Africa or anywhere in Asia, you have our escorted group tour packages to suit your needs and your journey would become an easy ride. With our presence the world over you also have the advantage of getting the packages at a rate lower than what you would pay individually or with those that have sparse presence. Book your group tour packages with SOTC now and let different parts of the world present themselves to you on a platter.